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Three WIndows typically means the back section on a 2 door car or coupe with the front passenger and drivers window untouched.



Five WIndows typically can be one of two.  The back section on a 4 door car or sedan with the front driver and passenger windows untouched.
It can also mean all the windows on a 4 door car or sedan not including the windshield



Seven windows basically means all the windows on a 4 door car or sedan no including the windshield.  Some cars have 9 windows which is an extra charge.  Please inquire.


if you are having your windows tinted  there are a few importrant things that you should know.
  • All of our window film services are backed by a non-transferrable lifetime warranty. This coverage is good for the life of the vehicle as long as you own it.  If at any point the vehicle is sold or transferred, the Warranty shall be void.
  • The warranty covers against fading, peeling, bubbling and color change. The warranty does not cover accidental damage such as scratches from a pet or any other accidental damage ​.
  • Upon completion, we ask that you please do not roll down your windows for 3 days.  We will place "Please do not roll your windows down" Stickers over your buttons to help you remember.
  • Please do not clean the inside of your windows for 10 days. 
  • Never use amonia or products containing amonia to clean your windows. The amonia deteriorates the film and your warranty will be void.


We offer 5 differnt shades for you to choose from.​ All shades block 99% of the suns harmful rays but each has a different level of Solar Energy Rejection (SER) 

  • 5% also known as Limo with an SER of 49%
  • 15% with an SER of 48%
  • 20% with an SER of 47%
  • 30% with an SER of 41%
  • 40% with an SER of 38%
  • 50% with an SER of 34%


Every State has certain rules which apply to window film and if not followed can and will result in a ticket. 

In California, you are not allowed to tint the 2 front windows of any vehicle darker than 70%.  The rear windows can be any shade and the windshield can only have a visor strip installed to a certain mark on the windshield.

Please visit:

Here you can check the law that applies to you and your window film by state


Thank You Very Much. Drive Safe!

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