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Simple Keyless Entry
We can outfit your vehicle with a simple Lock/Unlock System so that you can Unlock or Lock your vehicle with the push of a button but without the cost of Dealership Prices.  Some Keyless Entry Systems can be upgraded later to full Security by adding a simple module and wiring.  
Two Way Paging
Two way paging means just that. TWO WAY.  You send signals to your car arming or disarming it and it responds with a confirmation tone as well as a visual representation of the action taken.( Pagers with LCD only)
Security and Remote Start
Just like the Two Way Paging system, This system communicates with you but this time you can also....... START YOUR CAR or TURN IT OFF simply by pressing a button on your keyfob.   It also has up to a mile range and shock sensor adjustment from the fob.
Smart Start
OK.  are you ready for this?  The Smart Start System has all the above features but the range is not a mile or two or three.  Its ENDLESS.  Your car can be in China and you be in Sanm DIego and you can control your cars security as if you were right next to it..  It also communicates with you in the same manner.  The best part?  No clicker required.  Simply Download the smart start app and sign up with a plan of your choice and your phone is now your keyfob